SteigerWorld Podcast | “The Return: I’m Back!”

September 30, 2015 / EP. #31

Welcome to the world of John Steigerwald
The show is a weekly no-holds barred format full of hot takes on sports, pop culture, entertainment, trending topics, politics and more.


SEGMENT 1: “SPORTS” Starts at 00:00
– Pirates: 4 games out, Day/Night double header against Cardinals today
– No whining about playing a Wild Card game – there didn’t used to be one at all
– Pirates as good as any team in baseball
– Steelers have better chance of winning with Vick than Gradkowski
– Vick will likely be either very good or very bad
– Penguins: Kessel & Crosby will be fun to watch
– Like the Pens’ 2nd Line: Malkin, Hornqvist, Politnikov
– Love 3-on-3 OT
– RGIII Passer Rating vs Luck, Unitas & Namath

SEGMENT 2: “NEWS THAT MATTERS” Starts at 22:44
– Trump is still the man – for now, anyway
– How is Mrs. Clinton still running?
– Lena Dunham asks Mrs. Clinton a relevant question
– Obama laughed at Romney over Russia in 2012…
– Victimhood killing American manhood

SEGMENT 3: “WHY WE MAY BE DOOMED” Starts at 38:00
– Syracuse University suspends “Kiss Cam” at games
– Pomona College’s reaction to #1 ranking by Forbes

SEGMENT 4: “STAG AT THE MOVIES” Starts at 46:34
– Black Mass
– The Intern

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