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Are we really going to have to hear President Obama and his supporters whine about Bain Capital for the next five months?

Is that all they have?

To see how much Obama’s star has fallen, all you have to do is compare his message this to the one he was selling in 2008.

Back then, he was selling himself. He was selling hope and change. It was all a hot, steaming pile of un-vetted horse manure, but that’s what he was selling.

Now he’s selling –or trying to sell — the other guy is an evil capitalist who spent years doing what he enjoys most, firing people and getting rich.

Of course, his campaign has no problem with taking contributions from the evil Bain Capital.

The Obama campaign and his friends in the media apparently haven’t figured out yet that this election is not going to be about Mitt Romney. It’s going to be about Barack Obama.

It’s not going to be about the evils of equity firms that save and produce jobs for millions of people.