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Kordell Stewart came back to Pittsburgh so that he could retire a Steeler.

Despite being misunderstood and misused by several coaches here, including and especially Bill Cowher, he still has fond memories of his time as a Steeler.

If his former teammate Josh Miller said it once, he said it 10 times today on The Fan : The Steelers coaches didn’t know how to use him.

I started saying that in 1998 and became known as his number one apologist. And that’s basically all that I said and continue to say.

Miller also said several times that the coaching staff and some people in management didn’t have his back and that Stewart –considering what’s been happening with NFL quarterbacks lately — was ahead of his time.

Kevin Gilbride spent two years here trying to turn him into Eli Manning.

Stewart is the third best quarterback in Steelers history (Bobby Layne wasn’t here long enough) and ended up being a wasted talent.

And he’s one of the nicest guys ever to play in Pittsburgh.

Nice to see him have a little moment today.