Remember Barry Bonds? The guy who looked like he could play point guard for Pitt when he was a Pirate and the Michelin Man when he was a Giant?

The U.S. government released its list of witnesses for Bonds’ perjury trial scheduled for March.

The list includes Bonds’ former girlfriend who is ready to tell the world that Barry’s testicles shrunk.

That’s one of the many signs of steroid use that she will testify that she saw.

Jason Giambi will also testify for the government.

I think the government is wasting its time with the steroid investigation because I don’t care if Bonds wants to inject gasoline into his veins. It doesn’t affect me one little bit. But, if there is going to be an investigation and people are put under oath and they lie, they should go to jail.

And, aside from Mike Vick blowing out his knee, nothing could make me happier than seeing Barry Bonds go to jail.

I started believing that Bonds was juicing in 1995. I know that most people believe he started in 2000, but I saw how much bigger he was in ’95 and had some of my media friends laughing at me when I said I thought Bonds was taking steroids.

I think he took it to another level in 2000 but he was a juicer several years before that. He didn’t pass the eye test.

I haven’t seen him lately, but I’ll bet he looks a lot thinner when we see him on trial in March.

Bonds is fortunate that there is no law against insulting people’s intelligence because he would get a life sentence for expecting anybody to believe that he got that ugly naturally.