Bob Nutting was right not to fire his president, Frank Coonely after it was revealed that he was arrested and charged with DUI.

He blew a .16 on the breathalyzer. That’s twice the legal limit.

He almost went the wrong way on an entrance ramp to I-79.

None of that should cost him his job but it should put him in jail for at least 30 days, even though I’d prefer 90.

I know it’s Coonely’s first offense. That’s why it should only be 90 days.

Multiple offenses should mean multiples of five years.

Coonely is saying all he right things and has been as apologetic as a human can be and nobody is suggesting that he is a bad guy.

I’m sure the Pirates will write a check to Mothers Against Drunk Driving or come up with an equivalent PR move. That’s all very nice. But it’s not a deterrent.

If our government really wanted to protect us, it would start using the best deterrent available.

Jail time.

And no passes for first offenders.

If Coonely had not caught himself and turned around on that ramp and had wiped out a family in a head-on collision, that also would have been his first offense.

It would have served as a great lesson and a really good deterrent and lots of people would be dead.

This has nothing to do with how I feel about Major League Baseball or the Pirates.

I said that Hines Ward should have done jail time if he had been convicted of DUI and I would say the same thing about my wife my son or my brother.

If you drive drunk, you need to go to jail.