There are some fans and some in the media who think that the Penguins playing the Flyers in the first round of the playoffs is a bad thing.

The Flyers schooling the Penguins at Consol yesterday reinforced those feelings.

Put me down as thrilled that the Penguins are opening with the Flyers.

Especially after seeing what happened yesterday.

That game had a playoff feel to it and it was a great preview, not only for what might happen Saturday when they play again, but in the playoffs.

Any player on the Penguins roster who’s not thrilled to be playing the Flyers in the first round isn’t worth his weight in hockey pucks.

The Flyers –despite the Penguins two month run through the league –have established themselves as a better team than the Penguins.

The playoffs haven’t started yet and the Flyers head coach has already called the Penguins’ coaching staff gutless.

Imagine Mike Tomlin saying that about John Fox before last year’s playoff game with the Broncos.

The Penguins-Flyers series has the potential to deliver more drama and excitement than anything that has happened in Pittsburgh sports in a long, long time.

Super Bowl runs are nice but there is the potential for seven times as many games in a  Stanley Cup playoff series.

And every game has the potential to be a classic.  What happens in one game flows into the next one.

This is what I meant when I said the NCAA basketball championship is the second best tournament in North America.

How could anyone want to give this up for a series with the Florida Panthers just because it might mean an easier path to the Final?