Geraldo Rivera and I have something in common.

We were both trashed all over the internet for commenting on a victim’s choice of clothing.

I got it for questioning Bryan Stow’s decision to wear a Giants jersey to Dodgers Stadium, where there had been many incidents of violence.

I was accused of saying that Stow deserved the beating he took and/or that he was asking for it.

Geraldo suggested that black kids who don’t want to be pre-judged should think twice about wearing hoodies like the one Trayvon Martin was wearing when he was killed.

And he’s finding out that America has a reading and listening comprehension problem.

Leave it to Thomas Sowell to sort it out.

“People have a right to dress any way they want to, but exercising that right is something that requires common sense, and common sense is something that parents should have, even if their children don’t always have it.”