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The Pirates didn’t do much last week to change their image of a pathetic excuse for a Major League Baseball franchise, but they have some competition for the title of Most Clueless Team In Baseball down south.

Vuvuzelas have become a world wide joke since the World Cup started about a week and a half ago.

They’re the horns that thousands of people blow incessantly during the games that actually make soccer more unwatchable than it already was.

So what do the Marlins, who have trouble getting more than 10,000 people in their park most nights, decide to do?

The Marlins hand out vuvuzelas to 15,000 people and tell them to blow them all night.

The stupid horns may have actually played a role in the outcome of the game. Because everybody was wearing ear plugs, there may have been a miscommunication problem that resulted in the Marlins being called for batting out of order.

The Marlins lost in extra innings.

The players, managers, coaches and umpires thought the vuvuzelas were a cruel joke. The idiot GM, of course, thought it was a wonderful idea.

What kind of a moron watches 10 seconds of a World Cup match and then says, “Hey. That’s unbelievable annoying. How do I get that for my ball park?”

Fans everywhere were better off before anybody ever heard of the expression “game experience.”

When did the game stop being the most important experience?