The NFL made another admission about field goals being too easy to make today.

The owners voted to use the system put in place for overtime in the playoffs last season in the regular season.

It means an OT game can not end on a field goal without both teams getting a chance to possess the ball.

In other words, it’s ridiculously easy to make a field goal (I know. Don’t tell the Ravens that.) in the NFL these days and they don’t think it’s fair for the receiving team to have it so easy.

If they’re that easy, how about shrinking the goal posts and making them tougher? Make a field goal an adventure. Then it wouldn’t matter if a game ended on one immediately after the opening kick in OT.

The owners also agreed to do a video review of every turnover.

This will slow the game down, of course. Not only because every turnover will be reviewed but, because the coaches will be able to use their challenges for things other than turnovers.

Which means more challenges for other things, which means more time sitting around for everybody.

I was once a big proponent of replay, but I’ve now reached the point where I would like to see it eliminated all together.