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We had a pretty good debate in here about whether the golf swing that allows a player to compete on the PGA Tour requires athleticism. I say it does. Others have compared Tiger Woods hitting a ball 265 yards with a three wood off a sidehill-downhill lie to shooting pool.

I’ve said here many times that Obama has a nice jump shot.

As a golfer, he’s a really good basketball player.

This video of Obama’s golf swing is a perfect example of a guy who shouldn’t set foot on a golf course until he takes some lessons.

It’s hard  to decide if this is more embarrassing than his first pitch at the Nationals game.

I think I’ll go with the pitch because it’s easier to throw a ball 60 feert six inches and not look like Oprah Winfrey than it is to have a smooth golf swing.

(That’s including cutting him some slack because of the bullet proof vest.)