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The Pirates have won four games in a row.

Pedro Alvarez looks like he’s starting to come around.

Their starting pitching is looking as good as it ever has.

And the Pirates are a .500 team.

Where do they go from here? Will they make a surge like last season and spend some time in first place?

It’s Memorial Day. I’m too tired to look it up, but I’m guessing that there have been very few Memorial Days in the last 20 years when they’ve been above .500.

Let’s give this group some credit for not being as pathetic as most of the teams of the last 20 years have been, but let’s hold off on the parades and the celebrations over getting back to .500

Sorry, but .500 still stinks. The only thing that this team has proven is that it can look pretty good in spurts.

The trick is not to get tricked into drawing too many conclusions from the spurts- including the bad ones.

Last year I said let’s wait until July and by then they were in first place and people were buying “I Was A Pirates Fan Before It Was Cool” t-shirts.

I said then that it was all about the 162. It still is. They proved that last year by tanking worse than any team in MLB history.

I’ll give you this: It could be worse.