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SteigerWorld Podcast | “Sarah Palin vs. 56 Percent”

January 20, 2016 | EP. #47

Welcome to the world of John Steigerwald. The show is a weekly gluten-free format on sports, trending topics, politics and movie reviews.


SEGMENT 1: “STAG ON SPORTS” Starts at 00:00
– Steelers, Randle El comments, Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, Penguins

SEGMENT 2: “NEWS THAT MATTERS” Starts at 17:08
– Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump
– Mrs. Clinton has some explaining to do about emails…

SEGMENT 3: “WHY WE MAY BE DOOMED” Starts at 26:47
– 56% OK with Socialism
– Shame on you if you’re white…

SEGMENT 4: “STAG AT THE MOVIES” Starts at 35:23
– 13 Hours

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Obama supporters like to dismiss anyone who suggests that President Obama is a socialist as a kook or a racist or both.

I don’t know where other people got their impression that the guy has serious socialist tendencies but I came to that realization by reading about his past.

If the media had spent 1/10th the time on Obama’s past that they spent trying to investigate Sarah Palin’s church, the guy wouldn’t have come close to getting the nomination.

People who dismiss the notion that he is a radical leftist like to base that opinion on what he has said since he became a presidential candidate.

He would have never been taken seriously as a national candidate if he had shown his true colors.

Stanley Kurtz did extensive research on Obama’s past and couldn’t get anyone in the mainstream media to pay attention to him four years ago.

Kurtz has proof that Obama belonged to socialist organizations that he and his campaign claimed he did not.

Obama’s supporters will dismiss this as ancient history and say it’s no longer relevant, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s proof that the guy harbors dangerous anti-capitalist if not anti-American feelings and it’s a great argument for not letting him fool the American people again and preventing him from getting a second term.