There’s obviously no hope for the United States of America.

Enjoy it while you can.

You know it’s over when our court system is being used to settle a dispute involving a gay softball league.

The fact that there is such a thing as a gay softball league should make you worry about the future of the human race, but there are so many gay leagues that there is also something called the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance to oversee them.

How about just playing softball and keeping your sexual preferences out of it?

Teams are limited to two non-gay players and the problem seems to be a dispute over whether one team’s players were gay enough and and, of course, some players who were disqualified decided to sue.


“The San Francisco-based team the men played on, D2, was disqualified after others at the tournament questioned their sexuality and filed a protest. Under questioning, the men, Stephen Apilado, Laron Charles and John Russ, were evasive or declined to discuss their sexuality, according to the organization.

For example, minutes of the hearing say that Charles claimed to be gay but acknowledged being married to a woman, and Apilado initially said he was both gay and straight but then acknowledged being more attracted to women.

The minutes say rumors had persisted for years about whether D2 was stacking its team with straight ringers. In addition to the three plaintiffs, the team had two designated straight players. The organization says it has always considered bisexuals to meet the definition of “gay” for roster purposes, but the minutes also note that one official involved in the decision to disqualify D2 commented that “this is not a bisexual world series. This is a gay world series.”


We’ve reached the point where people are interviewed to see if they’re gay enough to be on a gay softball team.

More alarming than that is that we’ve reached the point where people can discuss it with a straight face.

And by straight, I don’t mean non-gay.