SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: Giants 24 Patriots 21

I learned a lot about the Giants and the Patriots this week while talking to various NFL bloggers and stat gurus:

Here are some fun facts.

Tom Brady was pressured on 18% of his dropbacks in the post season. Eli Manning 39%.

As I’ve said many times, I’ve never seen a QB get more time than Brady gets back there.

Brady completed 33% of his passes under duress. Manning 53%.

I’ve also said many times that I think Brady is a great quarterback, but I don’t think that he handles pressure in the pocket as well as most other great ones.

Brady has 10 interceptions in his last six post season games.

He has two three interception games in the post season and the Patriots have won both of them. That’s really bucking the odds. In the NFL, when you throw three interceptions, your chances of winning are about 20%.

Final NY 24 NE 21.