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How did we survive last year without OTAs?

One day into the Steelers’ 2012 OTAS  and we already have a QB – Offensive Coordinator controversy.

It seems pretty obvious that Ben Roethlisberger is doing the best he can to communicate to his bosses that he thinks hiring a new offensive coordinator was a bad idea and could end up being productive.

What he’s been saying might be called whining.

But he may also be right.

Especially about the counterproductive part.

Based on what he said yesterday, he is getting the message that he’s going to be expected to stay in the pocket more.

That could be the classic case of watching out what you wish for.

Ben Roethlisberger stuck in the pocket is Neil O’Donnell — capable of being a good NFL quarterback.

Outside of the pocket he’s one of the most dangerous and productive quarterbacks in NFL history.

Maybe it’s a matter of degrees and, by the time the season gets here, there will be a compromise that still gets Roetlisberger on the perimeter to make plays but also gets him to make a quick read, throw and avoid the rush.

If nothing else, the new coordinator makes training camp and the preseason games a lot more interesting.