Too bad there’s not a way to measure TV remote control use, because a Western Pa. record had to have been set last night.

The Pirates and Royals were on WPGH, the Celtics and the Heat were on ESPN and the Devils and the Kings were on NBC.

Here’s what I got out of three hours of station hopping:

The hockey game was my main event and I switched over  every once in a while to check in on the Pirates and the Celtics-Heat.

My Pirates watching usually consists of checking in to see the score and maybe hanging around a little bit if something interesting is going on. Most of the time, I don’t watch more than a half of an inning at a time and rarely a total of two innings.

I happened to drop in on the bottom of the fourth when the Pirates scored five runs.

What did I come away with? The DH stinks.

Because of injuries and not being able to use a DH, the Royals had a couple of half-players — the kind who can’t play defense — in the field and they contributed to the Pirates’ five runs. There was one ball hit out of the infield. The inning wasn’t a thing of beauty but it was interesting and it was proof that the game is more interesting when every hitter has to also play in the field.

Most discussions of the DH center on sparing the fans the boredom of watching a pitcher hit. Last night’s game was about so much more than that. If I’m not mistaken, Clint Hurdle pinch hit for James McDonald in the 4th inning — a decision he doesn’t have to make in the American League.

It was a good hockey game even though only three goals were scored. There were enough scoring chances and quite a few long stretches of good end-to-end action.

I did notice that this year’s leading Conn Smythe candidate, Jonathan Quick, got caught out of position and allowed the Devils to score the game winning goal. I wondered what the reaction would have been in Pittsburgh if Marc Andre Fleury had done that.

I tried to watch the NBA game. I really did. I tuned in when the Celtics had a small lead in the third quarter and again in the fourth just before the Heat pulled away and won.

It’s hard for me to go longer than 2 minutes with an NBA game. It doesn’t often take that long before I see a ridiculous traveling violation that isn’t called and turn it off in disgust.

Last night I saw Rajon Rondo tuck the ball under his arm and run four and a half steps for a layup.

That was it for me.

Back to the hockey game.