I love Tim Tebow.

I don’t know how long he’s going to be able to get away with throwing for 120 yards or less and winning games, but, after Denver’s win over the Jets last night, he’s 4-1 as a starter.

He’s a nice kid who wears his faith on his sleeve –maybe to a fault — and opponents and a lot of people in the media like to make fun of him.

So far, he has just smiled and gone out and proven them all wrong.

He took the Broncos on a 95-yard drive to win the game last night.

His style of play has been called boring. Last night I found it kind of refreshing. I think the NFL Boredom Index has been rising at the same rate as the number of passes.

Watching Tebow improvise and torture the Jets with his running was a nice break from the dink-and-dunk shows that we see every week in the NFL.

After the win over the Bengals on Sunday, Mike Tomlin referred to a couple of completions by Ben Roethlisberger as “long hand offs.”

Call me crazy, but I prefer watching a good running back or an athletic quarterback actually running with the ball to a long hand off.

I have a feeling Tebow’s inability to consistently complete passes will catch up with him, but I will make it a point to watch the Broncos until it does.

Meanwhile, I have to ask, how is it that a guy who’s obviously a tremendous athlete, has so much trouble throwing a football?

Throwing a football is not that hard to do, especially if you’re a good athlete. He’s been a quarterback all his life and had a lot of success. I have a hard time understanding how, with all the time he has spent around football, he hasn’t figured out a way to throw one accurately.


  • Isteve Roissy

    Tebow is hated because he, and the clean, upstanding, nuclear Christian family he comes from, remind people of what America once was. Of when we were the best place in the world and respected and admired. Since the ’60’s, our spoiled, stupid left have been trying to destroy that America. Some, because as elites they fear a confident, upstanding, homogenous nation could allow for a peasant uprising. Some, because they would rather live in a second class country where no one is in charge rather than a first class country where people like the Tebow’s are in charge.

    This couldn’t have happened though unless guilt-ridden, weak-kneed people who should know better allowed it to happen and allowed themselves to be morally intimidated. So when a Merrill Hoge rips Tebow, deep in his subconscious it is do to self-hatred that in his small way he was complicit through passivity in the destruction our nation is undergoing while everyone medicates through X-Box, television, pot and shopping.

    Or….. it could just be the goofy beard Tebow has.

  • Rich

    I love Tebow and hope he continues to win. All the guy does is win football games. I agree with Steve Rossy. He looks so bulked up that his upper body size is affecting his throwing. I used to love watching Terry Bradshaw run the football too. That man could run and deliver a hit much like Tebow.

  • Rob

    I’m a big fan of Tebow’s. I don’t think it’s his inability to throw in general as much as how uncomfortable he is in the pocket. Most of the better thrown balls I’ve seen of his come when he’s outside the pocket on the run and improvising, a la Roethlisberger. He’s also clearly not comfortable under center.

    Hopefully with more practice time he’ll get more comfortable. You have to remember he was demoted to 4th string during the shortened training camp. How many reps does the 4th stringer get? He also just started only his 8th (or 9th, can’t remember) game in the league. He and Cam Newton now have about the same amount of starts, but you don’t hear the criticism of Newton. Not only that, but Tebow’s supporting cast in Denver is absolutely putrid. Tebow had at least 3 dropped passes last night. Who would you rather throw to….Eric Decker or Steve Smith? Who would you rather have as your running backs…Jonathan Stewart/Deangelo Wiliams or Wilis McGahee/Lance Ball?

  • Jeff S

    John, This is Kordell Part II correct?

    • Isteve Roissy

      Nonsense, Tebow doesn’t troll Schenley Park at night.

      • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

        Neither did Kordell. I used to laugh at the Kordell is gay campaign. I saw a woman who looked like Halle Berry waiting for him outside the locker room every Sunday. The guys who were claiming he was gay were living with women who looked like Barry White.

        • Isteve Roissy

          Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Matthew Broderick are married to hot women as well. Maybe Halle Nearly was Kordell’s beard. .

          • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald


        • oksteelerfan

          How did that rumor ever get started anyway?
          Even if he had been the worst QB in the history of the league, which he was far from and I’ve argued the why he wasn’t too many times over the years to rehash it, but even if he was why did people feel the need to try to hurt him the most they could on a personal level?

          • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

            The color of his skin was not a small factor. Football fans have never been all that smart when it comes to quarterbacks –especially in Pittsburgh. I was at Three Rivers Stadium the day that the fans cheered when Bradshaw was hurt.

          • Isteve Roissy

            John, if you thought Miss Kordell was hot, may I introduce you to Mizz Robert Griffin The Third of Baylor University. Lawdy Lawdy.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

            That kid can play.

          • oksteelerfan

            How many of those fans do you think are the ones celebrating Hines coming to the end of his career? I know at times Hines doesn’t know when to shut his mouth, but I’ve never understood the hate some have for him when he gives his all on the field.
            But then I’ve never understood the hate for Bradshaw either and some of them still hold on to that hate as well.

  • franji1

    I think it’s funny that Chris Carter dis’s Tebow ‘cuz he doesn’t throw for 300 yards every game. Wasn’t it Christ Carter the WR that “only caught TDs”. It appears that Tebow is a QB that “only wins ballgames”.

    Which would you rather have, an option offense that wins, or a 300+ padded stat QB who loses regularly???

    • Donald

      “Which would you rather have, an option offense that wins, or a 300+ padded stat QB who loses regularly???”

      franji1, I suppose it depends on if I have him in my fantasy football league. LOL

  • Ochotexto

    His last drive was 3:16.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      God bless him.

    • Ernie Nevers

      In that thin air out in Denver, it’s not hard to hit a drive over 300 yards.

      • Paul

        “Make thy Ball lie in green pastures, not in still Waters” Arnie:3, par 72

  • Ernie Nevers

    All he needs for acceptance is a Baby Mama, a couple of illegitimate kids and a rap sheet.

  • Donald

    Whether Tebow succeeds or fails isn’t the interesting thing about this whole situation to me.

    What is interesting is that columnists, fans, and even commentators (including the broadcast teams) are more than willing to talk about the shortcomings of the “athletic” QB archetype with Tebow at the helm.

    Interesting because if Tebow were black, and just as incompetent at throwing the football (as are nearly every “athletic” QB)… nobody would dare mention it.

    In fact, they have gone out of their way to assiduously NEVER talk reality about “athletic” QBs in the NFL when they’re black.

    I don’t care about the color of their skin. I happen to think “athletic” QB style is a complete fail in the NFL because the QB MUST be able to throw the ball downfield. Otherwise, you see 10-men in the box D and it causes your running game (from actual running backs) to suffer as well.

    • Rory B

      The guys that should really be pissed about the Tebow phenomenon are guys like Major Harris, Tony Rice, Jamelle Holloway, Tommie Frazier etc…All those guys were great college QB’s that were extremely succesful. All were athletic option QB’s like Tebow yet back in that day they didn’t even get a sniff at the NFL. Whereas today you have a team willing to change their entire offense midseason to fit the skillset of their athletic, succesful in college option QB.

      • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

        Doug Flutie had to go to Canada.

        • Rory B

          There ya go

          • Isteve Roissy

            Those other guys were not big physically and would have gotten crushed in the NFL if they played the way they did in college. Tebow is is as big and strong as a linebacker but runs as well as those other guys, better really because more often than not he delivers the bigger blow on contact.

          • Rory B

            Yes but they were faster and would it be possible for them to be more innacurate throwers? Doubtful.
            BTW you don’t last in the NFL by delivering the bigger blow on contact.

          • franji1

            But it makes DBs like Darelle Revis “wave” at you as you advance on a winning TD drive.

          • franji1


            Doug Flutie 5’10” 180#
            Jamelle Holloway 5’11” 186#
            Major Harris: 6’1″, 205#
            Tommie Frazier 6’2″ 205#

            Tim Tebow: 6’3″, 236#

    • Tattoo Rick

      I agree 100% Donald. I noticed that when the media was all in on the Cam Newton bandwagon the guy would throw for 300 yards 2 TDs and 4 ints and you would never see one int or bad throw in any of the highlights. And by the way most of Carolina’s games were losses. Hmmm? Strange. I hate Rush Limbaugh but he was spot on with the “media is dying for a black QB to do well” rant. Cam Newton is a curtain jerker period. Running backs run QB’s throw,,its not that hard to figure out. Guys like Vick could be the best WR RB CB ect.. if they didnt have the little voice in their heads telling them whitey doestnt want me to play QB..Sad.

      • Donald

        That’s what I’m saying Rick.

        Being a white QB means you are judged on performance. Being a black QB means special treatment that ignores your failings.

        Tebow, if he were black, wouldn’t have one lick of criticism. From anybody related to the NFL. Even as he throws some of the worst passes you’ve ever seen (as Mr. Steigerwald points out). Yet because he IS white, he is treated without any bias. And so he’s ripped for being an “athletic” QB that can’t throw.

        He SHOULD be ripped for being an incompetent passer. What is interesting is that so are all the previous “athletic” QBs, but we never heard legit criticism of them because they weren’t white like Tebow.

        Limbaugh was right. And that’s why he was fired.

        • Donald

          “Athletic” QBs that stink at passing are usually never given a chance in the NFL. The ones that are, usually are black. And they are allowed to flounder for much longer than reasonably acceptable. It isn’t until they stink the joint out for years before it’s finally surrendered. Even then, the NFL media still don’t come out and say that they were horrible passers. Just a victim of circumstance or whatnot.

          I don’t really care all that much if Tebow succeeds. I do watch it only because, like John, I’m sick of the NFL super-safe copycat systems… and LOVE seeing somebody jab their thumb right in it’s eye. Even if it’s fruitless, it provides some short term entertainment until Tebow gets concussed by a linebacker and ends this experiment.

        • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

          Not even close. Tebow’s not that good.

        • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

          Doug Flutie was banished to Canada for having the nerve to be athletic. Pretty sure he’s white.

      • Rory B

        The best QB’s can do both. And since the QB is the only one to touch the ball every play why wouldn’t you want him to be an athlete? Vick is in the top third of QB’s in the league (as much his doing as the quality of QB’s in the league). Why would he play another position? Do you think it was the voice in his head telling him whitey doesn’t want him to play or the white HS, College and Pro Head coaches he played for, and all the white QB coaches (except one) that he has had?
        If I was the first overall pick I would think I was doing something right and don’t think I would feel a position switch would be necessary.

        • Tattoo Rick

          No Rory I don’t want my QB to be and athlete I want him to be a good QB. That means an accurate passer who makes quick reads and is a good leader. If he can run well thats a bonus. Again QBs throw RBs run its that simple. Vick sucks, period. Philly thew money at him and now im sure they regret it big time. Warren Moon is one of the top 10 QBs to ever play the game because he was accurate made good decisions ext. You live and die scrambling and running and your team has zero shot to succeed in the long term,, history proves me right.. When any of these guys have a hall of fame career get back to me and ill change my mind. Don’t hold your breath.

  • Chuck

    One of the few decent players in the NFL who is religious and just a all around nice guy and what do opponents and the media do but make fun of him. It’s no wonder I’m getting TURNED OFF day by day with the NFL and it’s bands of thugs and Hooligans.

  • Mike from Boston

    There are people who hate Tebow because he wears his faith on his sleeve. And then there’s folks who don’t like Tebow because they think his fanatical fanbase is creepy, and because of the way the media fawns over him, like no second year QB has ever gone 4-1 before.

    I’m in the latter category.

    • GeeWhiz

      I agree – the fans are just ridiculous. I heard they were selling jersey’s made with Tebow’s number and the name JESUS on the back of it. Maybe it’s semantics, but isn’t that breaking Commandments 1 and 2?

    • Tattoo Rick

      I really don’t care about Tebow one way or another. I do know that the Tebow project is fools gold. On a long enough timeline these guys always fail. Get back to me after a season or two and I have no doubt people will be singing a different song. Ask Vick, Vince Young, ect all by the way could trow better tan Tebow. It is Gods will for Tebow to fail..LMAO

  • colt

    I love Tim Tebow. I have watched this whole media verses Tebow thing from the time he was drafted and I hope he does very well. These talking heads do not just think that he is not good enough, they seem to want him to fail; that includes Hoge. That makes me root for him even harder. I sure hope the Broncos make the playoffs; wouldn’t that be great!!

    Why he is not a better passer, I do not know, but if this guy ever becames a great passer, watch out!

    John, it is noon on Friday and I just received your book. I looked at the chapter titles and I am looking forward to reading it. Will you be signing books at various locations and will you post these?

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      Thanks for buying the book. I will be doing signings. I’ll post them soon.

  • VinceL

    Some people hate Tebow because he’s not shy about his religious beliefs.Maybe they’d accept him if he impregnated a few women and got in some fights in nightclubs.
    Denver’s defense kept them in the game.Right now Tebow is not able to bring them back from a 20 point deficit.NFL defenses will eventually figure out how to stop the option plays.The Jets contained it most of the game.Remember the Wildcat?
    If he can learn to throw–and that’s a big if–he is going to be bigger than Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.I just don’t think he can change his mechanics at his age.

  • howard

    Truthfully, I think his accuracy problems have a lot to do with how bulked up he is in his upper body. Dude is built like a linebacker.

  • Martin

    I agree about him throwing. Now he was not Dan Marino when he was at Florida but I am pretty sure threw the ball to win 2 championships and heisman. Last night he struggled with simple 10-15 yard passes over the middle that I could make. Stange.

  • a-dawg

    I find the whole Tim Tebow thing interesting. It also shows the vast difference between college and pro football. It could be argued that Tim Tebow is the greatest college football player of all-time. While that can be debated….he is easily in the top 5. However, in the pros, a lot of people think he will be a failue. I am one of those folks.

    I liken Denver’s approach to a gimmick. They are doing things that no one has seen at the NFL level for a long time, if ever. Once he plays for a awhile and his offense gets on more and more film – I think his ability to produce will go down.

    With that said, this is buying him time where he can now try and improve the weaknesses in his game and try to become a more well-rounded QB that will be succesful in the NFL. I’m not sure he can do that. I don’t think he has the arm strength or accuracy to make it long-term in the NFL.

    Let’s remember that the Denver D was responsible for 7 of Denver’s 17 points. And if Denver faces a team that can put up points….Tebow’s offense won’t be able to keep up.

    This is my $.02 from a realistic prospective – but I am also rooting for him to succeed, I just don’t think he will.

  • oksteelerfan

    My youngest son who has grown up with Madden football looked at me like I was crazy last night when I said I never thought I’d see the day when running the ball was more exciting than throwing the ball. He looked at me like I had two heads when I said the more you do something the less exciting it is, especially when the majority are 10 yards or less.

    • DormontDirtBag

      Exactly. The 3-yard square-out from Brady to Welker, with Welker lined up barely outside the tackle box, is the symbol of the new NFL.

      • Matt

        I can’t for the life of me understand why this is exciting to people. If teams are going to throw, I want to see them throw down field.

  • DormontDirtBag

    Totally agree about watching a run-oriented offense. Much prefer it to play after play of the QB in the shotgun, pass is thrown, it’s incomplete… but wait, here comes a flag 5 seconds after the play is over. Go to the replay. Did the DB hold? Illegal contact? Interference? Hit a defenseless receiver? Dierdorf or Gruden then go on and on for minutes on why it was a great / horrible call by the referee. That’s gotten so old and the focus inevitably turns to the officiating.

    Just line it up and run. And last night I loved watching O-lineman actually pull and trap instead of just taking three steps back and absorbing the pass-rushing defenders.

    Having said that, I can’t believe the Jets blitzed 7(?) on the game-winning TD. The only way Tebow could beat them was by running and an all-out blitz offered him a clear path to the endzone if he got past the line of scrimmage, which he did.

    And I think Tebow’s poor throwing is just physical ability, or inability in his case. Some guys just have the arm/upper body mechanics to deliver a football accurately and with speed. Most don’t though.

    Overall, a fun game to watch.

  • Carl

    Not knowing where he played high school football, I’d say he played as an option quarterback. He probably did not throw the ball often. He was not a big passer at Florida either.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      I understand that. I don’t understand how a guy who is obviously a great athlete, can’t learn to throw a football better than he does.

      • Carl

        He never had to his my opinion. Now that he is in the NFL, he better learn fast. Although, does he have the right QB coach to do that now?

  • GeeWhiz

    Figures. The one Thursday night game I forgot about is the one everyone is talking about today. I guess I was too distraught over the Penguins losing.