Ok. I’ve been called everything from a hack to a scumbag and I’ve been accused of accusing Ben Roethliesberger of being high on drugs the night he was accused of sexual assault. Anyone with a brain knows that’s not true and it’s not going to get any truer no matter how many times it’s posted here.

I merely pointed out to those who were pointing out that he didn’t appear to be drinking a lot that there are other ways of getting high. Only a moron would call that an accusation. There are actually people out there who think that I could be sued for making that observation.

If you saw a guy leave a party, get in his car and start doing donuts on your neighbors’ lawns, your first inclination would be that the guy was drunk. If someone said to you, “Oh no. He wasn’t drinking at all.” Would you be crazy or insensitive or libel if you said,. “OK. But could he be high?”

So, unless you have something new to add on that, don’t bother. It’s an insult to my intelligence

If and when there are new developments in the Roethlisberger situation, we’ll update it and discuss it.

I didn’t accuse him of blowing off a Make-A-Wish kid. I told you a story –in the context of the original story about the ridiculous number of people who have related their stories to me and asked me why Roethlisberger is such an __________. It was an example. You don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to. The story I told you about the woman contacting me and the subsequent emails that I got from a woman claiming to be the kids mother, is true.

So, let’s move on.

  • DavidMcGwire

    Just because John doesn’t care to share the name of the Make-a Wish kid doesn’t mean the story is false.

  • Bill

    “aside from the baseless allegations”

    Your whole post is basically a baseless accusation. Looping pricks with Palin supporters is what the stereotypical Liberal does. You really lived up to you political allegiance, buddy. I bet your the first person to start jumping up and down when CNN or MSNBC tells you that one of the Palin kids flunked a test in school, because you think that automatically means she isn’t fit to be in public office.

    Anyways, to Steigy, don’t agree with everything I’ve read on your new blog, but that’s why we’re all here in the blogosphere. Still an interesting read. You keep posting and I’ll keep reading.

  • JohnSteigerwald

    Never happened.

    • PAGuy

      And even if this guy’s story was true, you would have been right to harass him. Except that you should have turned him in. Now look how he’s turned out.

  • chad

    1st off people do donuts all the time, just because you hate your life doesn’t mean other people are “high” or “drunk”. 2nd Your make a wish story has no details, no names, no sources. Where is your evidence. I can tell somebody I met John Steigerwald, “hes a piece of shit”. I don’t have to have any evidence and I’m good at making up stuff so they would probably believe me. Actually if someone said that your are a piece of shit I would believe them because you are. WHAMMY!

    • JohnSteigerwald

      And people would be free to judge the validity of your post. I’m guessing most people would dismiss it as coming from a moron, but that’s OK.

      • chad

        thats fine. most people view you as a moron. How many jobs have you lost? Again we know the real reason your hating on Ben, he probably blew you off for an interview. Cry me a river. here are some facts. Ben Roethlisberger is the best qb the Steelers have had since Terry Bradshaw. Ben Roethlisberger has won 2 super bowls in just 6 seasons in the league. Ben Roethlisberger is an elite qb in the nfl right now. Ben Roethlisberger has never been CONVICTED of a crime. Where are your facts? You’ve stated rumors with no sources. How the hell do you have a journalism degree? You gossip like a little school girl. So go ahead and hate on Ben. Be jealous of all his fans, supporters, and the success that he has had and will continue to have. WHAMMY!

        • JohnSteigerwald

          Lie down.

  • al clements

    Ah well…this from an old retired cop from Beaver Falls and a retired Corrections’ Officer…you can’t believe everything in print…either emails or the newspapers…suspect a lot of emails to be garbage since most of it is anonymous…mine isn’t cause my name is there for all to see…all those who know or knew me….know that I call em as I see em, even it got me suspended, lose a case in court ( I only lost 2 in 23 years, sooo), or lose a “friend”. Sometimes a lie is told long enough it becomes the truth, but it still a like….I dunno, but the story that went around ’bout Kordell sounded like a lie too……but the homophobics believed it. Who has an axe to grind?

  • Tom Hopkins

    I guess your talking about M.M. Hes such an ass.The only reason he talks up Ben is because he may be the only steeler who would go on his show.But first lets hear the clarks new cd.