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  • Paul

    Nothing to do with the topic, but I was listening to the Fan this afternoon for a couple minutes and I thought up this handy 3-step guide for would-be callers:

    1) When they say that you’re on the air, make sure you’re listening to the radio and say nothing for 10 seconds, then,
    2) Thank the hosts for taking your call (even though that’s their job)
    3) Claim that the previous caller “stole your thunder”.

    Then congratulate yourself that you sound like 95% of the callers to the Fan!

    • Al Bundy

      4) Say “Ya know” after every 5 words.

      • Frank

        5) Make sure to tell the host how many years you’ve been a fan of your favorite local sports team. This is crucial simply because the other listeners will not be able to sleep comfortably without knowing this key fact. Also, keep the volume all the way up on your radio when calling.


        Cook: Donnie from Ellwood City, what’s your question?

        Donnie: Ron, Vinnie, yinz guys are awesome, okay?

        Cook/Vinnie: Thanks Donnie, go ahead.

        Donnie: Hello? Hello? Ron, Vinnie, yinz dere?

        Cook: Yes caller, turn your radio down.

        Donnie: Hey, yinz guys still dere? Oh, sorry. Hold on….

        (This tends to take Donnie a few minutes. Volume buttons are very tricky.)

        Donnie: Okay. Let me first say that I’ve been a Stillers fan since 143 BC and this automatically means I know what I’m talkin’ abaht here guys.

        • Bobzilla

          Are Yinzers only Steelers fans? I mean, people who root for the Pens, where are they from and what are they called? And do they speak with any sort of accent?
          I’m only asking because I’ve never seen the words “yinzer” and “Penguins” ever used in the same sentence on this blog…

  • RKR


    I think the biggest issue with the New USFL is how it will effect College Football. You spent a lot of time asking questions about those kids that don’t want to go to college but want to chase their dream of the NFL. I never got a good feeling for which way the USFL is going to lean. The guy seemed to agree with you, but I sensed a little hesitation in his voice, like he knew that would be a big issue with the colleges.

    If the league takes players right out of high school and mixes them with some fringe-NFL types and the washed-up NFL QB it could be an interesting mix.

  • Jack M

    What ever happened to Mike Rozier, star of the Maulers? Maybe he can come back and show the players how to blow an entire seasons pay in one week!!!!

  • Tattoo Rick

    It is so easy to pick out people that hate that the NFL is king. I don’t care about class action lawsuits, player safety ect. The NFL is King and isn’t going anywhere but up, too much money from TV to fail. Reminds me of the local media’s growing distain for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Nobody roots for Goliath. Local reporters are forced to cover the Steelers 24/7 and you can tell it makes them sick. Benz and Madden Steeler haters. 99% of the FAN,,hate the Steelers. WXDX and the FAN are 365 day a year Penguins love fest,, laughable. Anything to promote something that isn’t football. The main difference I see is the local media cover the Penguins more like fans and less like unbiased professionals. Mario & Sid are teflon in Pittsburgh and you will be run out of town if you don’t kiss their rings.

    • Bobzilla

      It’s not so much that the local sports media hate the Steelers as it is that they are wildly in love and obsessed with the quarterback.
      In order to justify their deep and passionate (not to mention creepy) love affair with the QB, the local media will quickly point out that the defense “blew” a three-point, fourth-quarter lead en route to 13-10 victory (or loss).
      To promote and hype the QB, the local sports media are compelled to be critical of other parts of the team, usually the Steelers’ perennial highly-ranked defense is their targeted area. That damn Dick LeBeau!!! How dare they fire Bruce Arians!!!
      Andrew Filiponi recently spent a segment of his KDKA-FM radio show being critical (actually, insulting) of all those who think the Steelers’ QB might be a phony.
      He didn’t understand the reason some might possibly think that the QB’s marriage might be an “arrangement.” He cited that Crosby is a single guy who is well liked and even revered and he’s doing just fine without a wife.
      Great comparison!!
      The fact that the QB needed to clean up his image after two sexual misconduct accusations, and that an improved image equals more dollars in the future, is somehow lost on Filiponi.
      Only in Pittsburgh…

      • Mike V

        Then don’t watch…. There are tons of places someone can go to get information about the Steelers other than the local news and radiio.

        • Bobzilla

          Thanks for the suggestion…
          But it was a radio show.
          Try to keep up.

          • Mike V

            Then don’t listen…

          • Bobzilla

            Trust me, I don’t tune in to sports talk radio for information. I actually enjoy hearing and reading other people’s opinions. I wouldn’t expect someone like you to even begin to understand.

          • Bobzilla

            Trust me, I don’t listen to sports-talk radio for “information.” I actually enjoy hearing and reading other people’s opinions, regardless of how ridiculous those opinions might be.
            I don’t expect someone like you to even beigin to understand.

    • Frank

      – If I were forced to cover Hines Ward dancing for ten straight weeks, I, too, would be sick.

      – If I were forced to cover our classy QB’s marriage, I, too, would be sick.

      – If I were forced to cover our intelligent QB “earning” his degree in education, I, too, would be sick.

      – If I were forced to travel to Georgia in order to show brain dead yinzers what the inside of Ward’s home looks like, I, too, would be sick.

      – If I were forced to go to Yinzer Bob’s house EVERY year just so he can show me the Steelers junk he has collected since 1970 and then proceed to show me where he will be watching the game and what he will be eating during the game, I, too, would be sick.

      I’m sure some in the local media are a little sick of covering stupid stories like the above examples and I don’t blame them one bit. At the same time, the local media will always love the Steelers. There is no need for yinzers to feel paranoid. They will still get to find out what brand of cereal Ward enjoys eating in the morning or what brand of toilet paper Roethlisberger uses to wipe his own ass.

      The local media hates the Steelers….lol. That’s funny.


      • Bobzilla

        Good points, Frank.
        Only, the Pittsburgh sports media didn’t cover Ward’s dancing. Only one TV station and one news person in town hyped that show: The same station that actually carried the program. What? Your TV doesn’t have a remote control? They’re all the rage.
        As for what breakfast cereal Ward consumes: Fluery Flakes, of course!!!
        Hey, how ’bout them hockey playoff games? Bet you haven’t missed a single one since the Pens were eliminated, huh? You hockey fans are really a loyal and dedicated bunch.

        • Frank

          You missed my point and maybe I didn’t state it clearly enough…

          The complaint – Some in the media are not energetic enough when reporting on the Steelers and they are “sick” of doing it. I guess some are expecting John Shumway to do backflips with a cold Arhn in hand while reporting from an empty Heinz Field on a rainy Thursday night just so he can tell me we have a game on Sunday afternoon? I don’t know.

          My point: I’m sure some in the media are tired of doing stories that either have absolutely nothing to do with the game of football or are completely pointless (see: Shumway interviewing from an empty stadium). Doing player/coach interviews and reporting from the games would be a fun gig and something as a reporter I would find worth doing and as a viewer I would find worth watching.

          Hypothetically, if you were a sports reporter, would you rather interview DeCastro and his thoughts on the upcoming season or hit the streets of Pittsburgh in order to find out what Tony from New Ken thinks of the upcoming season? I would prefer to hear from DeCastro. A Ta’amu interview or “MTV Cribs” with Hines Ward? A Haley interview or traveling to a strangers home and looking at his junk pile and finding out where he watches the game and what he will be eating during the game?

          Bottomline, it amounts to massive Steelers overkill and the reporters doing them know it. Some are “sick” of it and most seem like they can’t get enough of it (see: Bob Pompeani as only one example). I don’t blame those who are sick of it. Still, for one to say the local media hates the Steelers is absolutely asinine. I would think even those who feel the need to turn every Steelers debate into a Steelers vs Penguins debate for some weird reason would even agree. Then again…

          • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

            Most of the people who are working in local news are embarrassed by the over the top coverage of the Steelers. But they feel the same away about the Penguins. Local news is a dead man walking, by the way. Nobody under 35 watches it anymore.

          • Bobzilla

            I do agree.
            There is massive Steelers overkill.
            But that so-called “over-the-top” coverage isn’t just isolated to Pittsburgh and the Steelers. Over-the-top coverage is common around the country when it comes to each respective city’s most popular teams, regardless of the sport.
            Think maybe in Los Angeles, there might be Lakers overkill? Think there is overkill in Green Bay/Milwaukee for the Packers? I know for a fact that there was Bills overkill in Buffalo and Western New York back in the 1990s.
            Casual fans, which far outnumber actual fans, thrive on bullshit stories, even the annual ones that feature the Pens going to customer-to-customer, hand-delivering season tickets with the cameras rolling. It’s showbiz!!!

          • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

            Local news is an embarrassment EVERYWHERE for lots of reasons.

  • Dr. Phibes

    I nominate Vince McMahon to be the league’s commissionor. I think he has a few ideas on how to make the USFL work.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      This is the exact opposite of the XFL

      • Al Bundy

        I actually liked the XFL and kinda miss it.

  • ISteve Roissy

    When Cliff Stoudt comes to town, let’s all pet him with snowballs.

  • Lumpy Rutherford

    It won’t work. It will interfere with the NFL Draft & Goodell’s hugs of the first round pick student athletes.

  • http://www.yourbrandvoice.com Goose

    Yeap; way too much sense; and people in Pittsburgh probably wouldn’t support the “Little Stealers” – that’s what they should call a team in Pittsburgh, “Stealers” they steal things…

    And they could put a weight limit on the players and outfox the NFL altogether…If you announced a new league with a 275 lb weight limit – the talk shows would go nuts… but of course that makes way too much sense too!

    • Mike V

      Having a real PED testing program will take care of the size of players.

      • Bobzilla

        That’s right. Four-hundred-pound Casey Hampton is hooked on ‘roids. It’s so obvious that ‘roids and not Big Macs are the reason his pants won’t fit over his massive belly.
        Just for good measure, all weight-training equipment should be immediately removed from all NFL facilities. You never know: Someone might accidently become big and strong by lifting weights 18 hours a day and by following a strict diet. I mean, James Harrison, the smallest linebacker in the NFL, is going to kiill someone…

        • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

          260 lb linebackers should be 220. Juice is rampant.

          • Bobzilla

            I’m sure juicing is rampant … just as it was in the 1970s, when there were plenty 220-pound linebackers but zero 260-pound linebackers.
            To assume that steroids are the only reason players of today are bigger, stronger and faster than those rampantly-juiced players of yesteryear would be a discredit to today’s players who might actually put in year-round long hours of lifting weights and eating right in an attempt to play at a high level.

          • John Steigerwald

            Agreed. Doesn’t change the fact that vast majority are juiced. And bigger players moving at faster speeds means more injuries. Talked to Ike Taylor today. He came into the studio for his talk show. He agrees with me on the face masks. Says that reducing the size or eliminating them would force players to start tackling again instead of launching.

  • Darren

    From the information on that link it certainly sounds like they 100% have the right ideas on how to go about doing it successfully. Incorporating the NFL rather than competing is a key idea. If they can get the NFL network to show games (and lets face it, they are desperate for something to show in the spring/summer) it will be another step in the right direction.

  • Tim

    The USFL is going to feature players who were cut during training camp the previous year. Yawn. It’s laughable to hear the USFL describe itself as a developmental league. Playing 14 games in the late spring is an awful way to prepare for playing 16 in the fall.

    • Dan

      Spot on, Tim

    • Mike V

      Americans love football. The original USFL was a success before Trump went crazy. The key is TV ratings so they need to have teams in the big media markets. Right now, they are looking at cities like Akron, Omaha, etc. Big mistake. Think big.

      • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

        They’re not planning on competing with the NFL.

        • Mike V

          I would agree. I also don’t think a minor league system is the way to go either.

          I’d like to see nonBCS D1A schools start a league of their own. They could start the week after the final four and have a July 4 “National Championship” for their level. They are overshadowed by the NFL and BCS and need to break away. They would still be in third place, but not as overshadowed. Football is hugely popular in the US and this could work if athletic directors had any vision beyond their next job.

  • Erik

    ask him if we can have the Maulers back