Thanks to poster “Sirpea” for this one.

Whiffle ball is now a risky sport.

What else do you need to know in order to be convinced that America is way down the road toward total sissification?

Does the government need to protect your kids from whiffle ball?

Frisbee is OK, of course.

The Frisbee stands forever as a major symbol of the creeping sissification.

In my summer camp, they would be outlawed.

Get a ball, kids.


The busybodies have backed off for now.

Of course, the fact that there are people in position of authority who tried to get away with something like this is scary enough.

  • Will

    Frisbee, or ultimate as it’s called, is actually a sport which requires a ton of athleticism. I personally played varsity baseball in high school but went on to play frisbee competitively in college. It put me in the best shape of my life.

    Check out this video to see what it’s like in its competitive form:

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Ballroom dancing takes athleticism, too. And it gets you into shape.

  • GeeWhiz
    • JohnSteigerwald

      Pretty pathetic.

  • sherm

    Smear the Queer, no equipment, just a bunch of boys and on occasion a girl or two that were qualified to play. Imagine actively seeking the ball so that everyone playing could have a chance to smear you alone or as a group. All at the risk of spraining or breaking something or possibly a bloody nose while having fun. If you didnt want to have fun, you didnt have to play. You could watch which was fun too, but the more you watched the more you wanted to play. Damn, that was a fun game. Thanks for the reminder. Did I mention a possible concussion?

    • JohnSteigerwald

      We called it Kill The Man and it was played on asphalt. Of course, it would have to be called Kill The Person now.

  • Ochotexto

    The frisbee is acceptable for picnics while drinking beer or exercising the dog. Its in the yoyo/ hackeysack genus. It was never intended to replace the wiffle ball, bball., football.
    You haven’t been in the news enough lately JS . So Ocho has finally returned to JWTG.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Good to have you back. You know I’m a small govt. guy, but If I were president, I would have to issue an executive order banning frisbee tossing from human to human (human-dog interaction only) and soccer.

      • dg

        Why would you ban soccer?

        • JohnSteigerwald

          Soccer gets on my nerves. It has taken too many kids away from real American sports. Just another one of my radical opinions.

          • dg

            I’ll never understand why people don’t like soccer. Some people say it’s boring. Some people say there’s not enough contact. Some people say it’s not manly enough.

            Then why do people like baseball? I like baseball, but on the surface it’s pretty boring and not very manly. Hit a ball and run around. What’s the big deal?

          • JohnSteigerwald

            You get to use your hands.

  • H

    Maybe we should change the spelling of our country from America to Amaryca.

  • George Washington

    Take the poll on whether you agree with the law or not. You will then know the nation is doomed. When I took it yesterday, a ridiculous 88% of responders agreed the law was a good idea.


    • JohnSteigerwald

      The feminization, wussification, sissification of America…………..take your pick.

  • randy newman

    the willingness for people to go for the okey-doke, and get juked out of their shoes on this one, makes me wonder if any of you have ever done anything athletic at all.

    seriously, i get the article is poorly crafted, but john with his decades of experience being down the hallway from purported journalists should be able to separate the wheat from the chaff here.

    this is about the health department (with a list compiled by a mormon republican doctor, who previously held the post btw…dr richard daines, ) going after the type of programs that classify themselves as indoor camps, bible studies etc….that offer full summer camp like programs, without actually providing the proper care for children, regardless of what the activities are. sure the mediocrac, like john, want to stoke the fires of the stupid, by making it as outrageous as possible…but the kids could be shooting guns, building bombs, pracicing chaining each other to the backs of pickups, all sorts of right wing activities, the substance of the story doesn’t change. there are non-summer camp summer camps operating without proper credentials. its like when republicans attack women’s rights by going after the providers of women’s health services instead….all this article is, is right wing propaganda….you can’t say the media doesn’t love you.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      The words government and whiffle ball should never be used in the same sentence.

      • Mason

        Spoken like a true card carrying liberal.

        Government intervention in the idiotic. I don’t care if it was and R or a D that ran the Health Dept and came up with this plan – you obviously do. If it involves the government being more involved in citizens everyday lives, I am opposed to it.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          As I said, government and whiffle ball should never appear in the same sentence. Neither should government and summer camps.

          • randy newman

            but you would be the first person looking to sue if your kid got jacked up at summer camp, or bible camp, or whatever “indoor camp” was looking to cut corners by not paying for proper licensure, and insurance, and had proper medical personnel on hand, for whatever infectious disease, or whatever haphazzardly supervised thing the kids got into.

            try and focus on the real issue. summer camps have a recognized responsibility, some folks are performing the same function, and getting around the requirements, doing it on the cheap, third world style. forget that they told you to be upset about wiffleball for a second, or you will never get to have a big boy discussion, think about all the things that go into proper supervision of children.if you are doing it on the cheap, and cutting corners, i think the public ought to know. the wussies are the ones who only get mad because someone tells them to, and don’t even try to figure out what the actual story is…what too hard for you little man? go play with your plastic balls.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            I’d be the last person to send my kid to a summer camp. The less supervision the better. Maybe if our taxes weren’t so high more mothers could stay home with their kids.
            Whiffle ball and government should never be used in the same sentence. Now get back to watching The View.

          • oksteelerfan

            I never went to a summer camp, my kids have never went to a summer camp.
            If they had I wouldn’t have been having a fit if they got hurt playing wiffle ball, I probably would have laughed at them for getting hurt with a plastic ball.
            They’ve all been hurt at some point and time playing sports, I certainly didn’t go suing the school or coach. Kids get hurt, it’s part of life, they could get hurt stepping out of the shower. You can’t put them in a bubble.

  • Jerry Mahoney

    My favorite outdoor game with my buddies was rolling down a hill in a new refrigerator or other large appliance cardboard box. You’re right John, something has certainly changed.

  • Chris

    This story makes me want to puke…Keep voting for liberals America….They are coming after everything

  • Judy

    The saddest thing about this is not that they deemed these games risky. It’s that those making the rules probably grew up playing the same games.

    I can remember playing dodgeball in school. One teacher always made it boys against the girls. I’ll never forget when it came down to me against one boy and he wound up and threw that ball as hard as he could and I caught it.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      A great memory.

  • Chipped Ham

    When my kids play dodgeball in gym class, all throws have to be at or below the knees. What a joke. And the kids all hate it.

    When we play dodgeball in our backyard, all throws are legit, and the neighborhood kids come from far and wide to play.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      What was the lady’s name who came up with the below the knees rule? Or was it an effeminate man?

      • Chipped Ham

        I believe her name is Jane Liberal. Her assistant is named Jane Lawyer. Her intern is named Barney Fwank. They are all union members of Local 542 Let’s Destroy The Greatest Country In The World.

        Remember when JFK was considered a liberal? He would be a raging right-wing tea-partying republican in today’s America. “Ask not what your country can do for you…..”

      • rich

        how are you supposed to catch the ball below the knees? In my gym class (early-mid 80’s) high-chest and head shots were widely celebrated.

    • dg

      Any good dodgeball player only throws below the knees anyway. Lower chance of it being caught.

      Head shots were always looked down on as cheap.

      • JohnSteigerwald

        I didn’t play much dodgeball and I can’t argue with that.

        • Rich

          We played it occasionally in gym class and everyone loved it only we called it Murder Ball and we everyone threw as hard as they could. If you got hammered in the noggin, oh well, learn to catch.

    • speagle

      One of my favorite gym class dodgeball memories (from 30+ years ago) was when the last kid standing in a 5th grade dodgeball game would get to face-off against the gym teacher, who was a former D-1 college football player.

      The dude showed no mercy. He’d fire the ball at the kids legs and the kid (on a few occasions, me) would go flinging through the air “helicopter-style” like a bowling pin.

      That dude would be probably doing jail time, today. Looking back on it, I kinda wonder what was going through the guy’s head??

      But, I do think it is interesting how “wussified” things have become!!

  • Joe

    Just like the new wide spread attack of the killer peanut allergy and multiple class action suits against teachers that teach and coaches that play the best players (how dare they) it will only get worse from here.

    • speagle


      The peanut allergy sh*t is legit … Not sure if you ever saw someone with a reaction, but it is the real deal and truly not a “wussification” issue.

      • JohnSteigerwald

        Unfortunately, you’re right. I don’t know the scientific explanation for it but I know it didn’t exist when I was a kid.

        • oksteelerfan

          There are a lot of allergies that I never heard of when I was a kid.

          I sometimes wonder if some of these allergies are due to kids not being exposed to the outdoors as we were. When I grew up we spent the majority of our time outdoors which I believe made our immune systems stronger. My kids were very seldom sick and never had allergies, yet even as babies they spent a lot of time outside and I’m sure as toddlers ate a lot of dirt, rocks and grass that I didn’t catch.

          I don’t think food allergies would fall into this category, but I wonder about kids who are allergic to what seems like everything from pollen to dust.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Something has changed.

          • colt

            I have posted here enough for all to know where I am coming from. I want to puke when I see this stupid stuff. But, the peanut allergy is VERY real and VERY dangerous. My grandson, no sissy by any stretch, is allergic. Also, when I was a kid (I am 60 now), I lived outside. You name it, I did it. But, Oksteelerfan, I suffered from every skin allergy you can imagine. The Dermatitis was almost unbearable at times, not to mention embarrassing. I only point this out because I want you to know that, at least in my case and others who had to go to dermatologists for relief, it had nothing to do with not being exposed to the outdoors.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            What is the scientific explanation for the peanut allergy epidemic? I know it wasn’t an issue when I was a kid.

          • colt

            Good question, John. I have no idea. But, I was present one time when my grandson got exposed to peanuts. It was frightening. He can’t breath and we have to rush him to the hospital. My daughter keeps the medication handy now, and he wears a bracelet. By the way, he is 10 and hockey is his favorite sport…he plays…not a sissy. I want him to play baseball, but he has no interest; says it is stupid.

            I wish it were just some kind of a sissy thing and there was no such thing as peanut allergy. Is it possible that it did exist when we were kids and we just did not know what caused some kids to have reactions at certain times? Just asking; I have no idea.

          • GeeWhiz

            I have my own theories about it all. They put fluoride (and, in the future – if they’re not already in some states – putting Lithium) as well as other things in our water. They give cows and chickens hormones to produce more milk and eggs at a faster rate. Those “sky writers” as I called them as a kid is spraying Lord knows what way up into the stratosphere where it then falls on us. None of these were prominent when you old timers were young. There are more allergies (peanut) and other health conditions unheard of in the past (like Fibromyalgia (sp?) and there are also girls 7, 8 or 9 years old having their periods and boys that age already growing facial hair.

          • oksteelerfan

            I know some people had allergies. I’m talking about the wide spread allergies now. Kids being sick all the time as well. The cases of allergies and a kid staying constantly sick were the exception not the rule. Now it seems as if it’s the rule.
            When I was a kid you’d have a few kids who had allergies, now you go to a playground and maybe a few kids aren’t taking allergy shots, allergy medicine, etc.
            I just think it has something(not all of course) to do with kids don’t spend as much time outside now as they used to.
            Take my niece for example, her son had every allergy known to man, constantly sick and on antibiotics. She would never allow him to play in the dirt when he was little because she didn’t want him to get dirty, his playing outside was very limited. The doctor finally told her this kid needs to be exposed to things in order to build up his immune system. She wouldn’t listen, my sister and I started ignoring her instructions when we had him and he started going outside learning how to get dirty, being what I always considered a kid was all about. The more time he spent outside, the less he was sick, the less he was allergic to until eventually she learned that keeping him from being kid was causing more harm than good.
            He’s a teenager today and is no longer on allergy medicine or taking allergy shots. He hasn’t been sick in years. He still has asthma but it does run on his side of the family. I personally believe the kid would have never improved if we didn’t ignore her and show her that playing outside and getting dirty wasn’t going to kill him but keeping him in a cocoon might.

  • Cambot

    I don’t quite understand what you’ve got against frisbee but yeah this is pretty stupid. I’d suggest these people go home and hide underneath their beds, but there might be spiders under there.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I think frisbees are used too often as a substitute for a ball. They should only be used with dogs.

      • oksteelerfan

        I always liked playing Frisbee along with any kind of ball.

        I played just about every game mentioned when I was a kid. I can’t honestly think of one kid growing up who went to the ER from playing Red Rover. I also can’t remember any of us kids who spent our time playing tag, red rover, etc. ever being obese.

        But the last quote in this article describes the kind of Mothers and Fathers raising kids today, “Kids these days are kinda brutal so I can see those games being dangerous,” said Wainwright, who has a 5-year-old. “I agree with it.”

        Her kid would have been the kid we teased and the kind of kid that we locked in the locker or played hide and seek with except we would never seek him and leave him hid while we went on to other games to play and he’d go home crying to Mommy went it got dark and the teasing would be even worse the next day.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          Any time I see kids playing with a frisbee or carrying a skate board I want to tell them to get a ball. I haven’t done it yet, but I may start doing it when I’m really, really old. As opposed to just being old, I mean.

          • dg

            Frisbees are fine. What’s wrong with skateboards? Skateboarding is hard and involves a lot of physical activity. The problem with skateboarding is that a lot of skateboarders are jerks, but not all of them.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            There’s nothing “wrong” with them. I just would rather see guys walking up the street with a basketball or a football.

  • Erik

    Great. Keep promoting staying inside, stuffing your face and playing video games all day.

  • Goose

    If you have never “dared anyone over” – you should not be allowed to talk about anything that has to do with running!

  • Mike from Boston

    I don’t see “Smear the Queer” on the list of banned kids’ games. Oh the irony.