When did we get to the point that a rich guy should be ashamed of admitting that his wife drives “a couple of Cadillacs?”

Mitt Romney may not be ashamed to admit it — let’s hope he’s not — but the media ridiculed him for mentioning it during a speech in Michigan last week.

It was called a major gaffe.

Apparently the media would prefer a rich candidate who got rid of all his fancy cars before the campaign started and had his wife buy a couple of Smart Cars or maybe a couple of used Pontiacs.

Of course, the media jumped all over the comment as further indication that Romney is out of touch with most of America.

Here’s a clue: Romeny is out of of touch with most of America. He’s worth a few hundred million dollars. His wife doesn’t clip coupons and she doesn’t take in ironing.

He’s really, really rich.

So was Ted Kennedy. So is John Kerry. So is John Edwards. So is Al Gore.

So what?

If Romney gets the nomination, the media are going to be poised to pounce on everything that Romney says that shows how much richer he is than the average voter.

If Romney gets the nomination and calls me for advice, here’s what I would have him say in an ad:





  • Chad Farthouse

    Or maybe legitimate news organizations realize that guilt by association is bogus, yellow journalism.

    • John Steigerwald

      Yeah. Taking dirty money from a convicted felon is just guilt by association. Why would you want to investigate that?

  • Tattoo Rick

    Anytime relegion is this important to a Presidential race its time to be very afraid. Why do we waste time talking about abortion? Abortion is legal and isn’t going anywhere. Santorum scares me, that said I hope he wins the nomination cause he has zero chance.

  • Chris

    What we need is some blue collar people running for president. They should put a limit on the amount a canidate can spend on a campaign….your all for a Salary Cap in baseball to make it fair, why not a salary cap on the campaign trail….personaly i am tired of seeing lawyers with an ivy league education running the country….we need a construction worker with a degree from CCAC to run.

    • John Steigerwald

      But, I’ll bet you hate Sarah Palin.

      • Chris

        Well, she was crazy and she lost me when she banned books from the local school and library. But the idea of what she was, which was an everyday person running wasn’t a bad one.

        • John Steigerwald

          She didn’t ban one book from the school or the library.

          • Chad Farthouse

            No, but she DID ask the librarian what her reaction would be, hypothetically of course, if she were to request that a book be removed. The librarian rightly replied that she would be highly resistant to such an effort. Palin then tried to fire this librarian because she felt that she didn’t have her full support. The public outcry was so loud, that she was reinstated. Sarah Palin picks stupid fights. Just another reason why liberals think that she is DUMB!

          • John Steigerwald

            And the media focused on that more than they focused on Obama’s association with Tony Rezco, one of the most corrupt politicians in the country.

    • Tim

      If I have to hire a lawyer you can bet I’ll be getting one from Harvard or Yale over one who attended Community College.

  • Chad Farthouse

    I see what you’re doing here. You are beginning to lay the groundwork for blaming the “liberal media” for Obama’s re-election.

    • John Steigerwald

      Every Republican has to beat the Democrats and the media. Nothing new here.

      • Tim

        Old story. With Fox News, Drudge, talk radio etc, Republicans should stop whining about the media. It comes off as excuse making.

        • John Steigerwald

          You’re right. It is an old story. It’s not excuse making. It’s reality. The republican candidate has to battle the media. That includes all three network newscasts, still watched by millions and millions of people, all three morning shows and 90% of the newspaper editorial pages. Fox, Drudge and talk radio have given conservatives a voice but they’re mostly singing to the choir now.

          • Tim

            the 3 major networks newscasts skew older white folks who vote republican mostly. the point is republicans have plenty of forums for their message now and need to take advantage of them instead of complaining at every turn. if they are so annoyed with george stephenopolous moderating a debate then don’t show up. it’s that simple.

          • John Steigerwald

            All TV news skews older these days.

      • Blasto

        yeah…unless you include Fox news…many newspapers…and all of AM radio.

  • DavidMcGwire

    Bush’s approval rating was around 50% around this time ibefore the 2004 election…But because the democrats couldn’t come up with any better than John Kerry to run against him…he won.

    We might see history repeat itself.

  • Chuck

    I’m not worried about what Mitt says. All the candidates, Republican and Democrat, say stupid things that they later regret What I am worried about is Rick Santorum getting the republican nomination. Like Donald Trump says, the Democrats are just salivating hoping Rick wins the nod. Despite being a republican, I honestly don’t know if I can vote for Santorum. It would be a landslide waiting to happen for the Democrats.

    • oksteelerfan

      I have to admit I’m with you, I don’t think I can with good conscience vote for Santorum. I’m a so-called gun nut or at least that’s what many of John’s bloggers believe I am. I’m totally for reforming welfare. I’m against abortion. I don’t believe in income tax and know the founding fathers are turning over in their graves that this country ever allowed income tax. Santorum would fit the bill there.

      However, I am very concerned the direction the country is going when it comes to animal law and the outcome that is going to have and is having on agriculture. Animal rights groups, especially HSUS has too much influence on animal laws, when they have the same agenda as PETA. Santorum has the highest grade with HSUS than any of the Presidential candidates including Obama.

      So for that reason voting for Santorum worries me.

      I’ll be voting in a few days for Ron Paul. I don’t like his foreign policy, but he matches the most categories for me. I know he won’t win the nomination and Santorum is leading in all of my states polls, but I’m not one of the 40 something percent who says they’ll vote for him.

      Another reason I hope Santorum doesn’t get the nomination is I’ve heard some very conservative people who are scared of his religious talk. If that has conservative, republican voters nervous, what will it do to swing voters?
      I can’t make myself really trust Romney, but I do believe he gives the country the best chance of firing Obama. I just wish he’d keep his foot out of his mouth and quit acting like John Kerry with his stunt with the rifle when he’s trying to be something he’s not. Just admit your rich and say that is just something to take away from the issues and move on and start talking about the issues and don’t play the dog and pony show for the media.

      • NIblick

        The religious talk by all of the GOP candidates has me nervous. I don’t remember a campaign that revolved around religion as much as this one has. I am not a religious person and think all of it is a myth, but these candidates seem to be worried about the religious right’s opinion of them. Romney’s Mormonism is a real concern because of some of the racism and hatred that is imbedded in those beliefs.

        The GOP is in trouble for this election. I read today where Obama has a double digit lead over Romney or Santorum. At a time when Obama was beatable, the Republicans came up with the only cast of characters that could lose the election. Well, four more years and Obama will finally be gone. Let’s hope we survive.

        • oksteelerfan

          I don’t have any problem with religious talk and I don’t believe Christianity is a myth. However, when you allow your campaign to be about your religion and talk it non-stop it turns voters off, even many religious voters.

          I think Romney can beat Obama, I’d prefer a Ron Paul presidency but that’s never going to happen. Santorum imo has the least chance of beating Obama.
          The problem with Romney and all of the candidates right now imo are they can’t stay on the issues and keep letting the media and each other bait them into talking about a bunch of bs, such as Romney trying to act like he’s Joe the plumber which just makes him look silly.

          • Tim

            Again, blaming the media. Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are playing to Republican primary voters, not the media. Nice try though. Only Paul has the discipline to stick to his principles. Maybe Santorum can talk about his “courage” again like when he voted against his principles to “take one for the team”

  • metalslam

    He should be in a jaloppy

  • ivan koloff jr

    That’s advice Romney needs to listen to. His problem isn’t that he’s rich, it’s that he’s trying to act like he’s not. Those stupid photo’s his campaign released with him doing laundry, his interview that he’s an average guy and watches the “Twilight” movies with his family, he yells at his kids for being in the shower too long, etc make him come off like a phony and quite frankly, a dork.

    • John Steigerwald

      I agree.

    • Blasto

      Well stated Ivan. But if you want the real mitt then you have to take all of him. The socialized health care, pro choice, entitlement supporting mitt that he really is.

      • Parker39

        Mitt has lots of money, he seems to share a good amount of it with those less fortunate, he pays a fair amount of income tax and that’s all just fine with me. This is a non starter as far as I’m concerned.

    • Cambot

      The fact that he watches the “Twilight” movies makes him a dork with bad taste.

  • DormontDirtBag

    I used to think Obama was toast, but I now see that the Republican establishment is such a bunch of *ussies that they couldn’t beat Dukakis if he were the Dem opponent.

    The way the groveled and peed on themselves over Romney’s harmless remark about his wife’s cars is part of it.

    But with gas prices shooting up, I was waiting for ONE Republican to say that high gas prices are not merely an ancillary effect of this administration, but are, in fact, the STATED GOAL of Bolshevik Barry ind his eco-freak geniuses. This administration WANTS higher gas prices to keep their “green” industries from all going bankrupt.

    Instead, silence.

    And for decades, DEMS have refused to drill in ANWR or permit more drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Their reponse has alawys been that the new drilling would take years to have a downward effect on prices. Well, those “years” have come and gone. Any Republicans out there this week hanging this around Dems’ necks? Nope.

    Democrats are dead serious about winning. Republicans are just dead.

    • Dan

      Prices only get low to the point where they’re cutting into a company’s profits, so they shut down drilling for awhile to spike demand. Ask anyone working in the natural gas indsutry in PA right now. You want unharnessed capitalism, you got it!

      • DormontDirtBag

        How does reducing drilling increase demand? Go back to Econ 101.

        • Dan

          Because it decreases supply, professor. Don’t ask me, ask the companies who slow drilling for gas down in PA when the profit margin gets too small because prices are dropping. Why does Disney put it’s movies under lock and key and only put them out for sale every few years for a short time before they go back in the vault?

          • Gary M

            Dan, for Econ 101, here’s how your theory works.
            They stop supply. Demand stays the same. Then, prices increase.
            That’s what Mr. Dormont was trying to explain.
            In fact, demand usually decreases after the price increase since people will cut down on unnecessary usage.
            I’m hoping you know that gasoline, a commodity, doesn’t have the same effects as a Disney movie.
            You see, there are costs in manufacturing and distribution of the DVD and a limited number of potential buyers, so Disney waits until those costs and potential buyers reaches a point where it makes economical sense to distribute them. Usually when they are having a bad quarter and need to supplement earnings.

          • DormontDirtBag

            More drilling means increased supply of crude oil. Increased supply suppresses prices. Basic.

            I forgot to bitch about the fact that Dems and the EPA have made it virtually impossible to build new refineries. But of course this also is part of their efforts to get gasoline prices up to European levels.

      • Bobzilla

        Natural gas has actually decreased in price. What’s natural gas have to do with the price of oil?

        • Matt

          If the supply of oil was greater the price would go down. As Dan mentioned, the price of gas has gone down so companies are trying to decrease, or at the very least not increase the supply by drilling more. Drilling is extremely expensive, companies are not going to drill just to drill and lose money. If you let companies drill for oil they will drill until it is unfeasible.

          • Dan

            Exactly. Like I said, don’t take my word for it, ask a gas well worker. They’re capping a lot of wells early. It costs something like $70,000 a day to run a single rig. When the profits get too low for their tastes, they send everyone home and wait for the prices to go back up. Or they move on to a new drilling site and take their time getting things going, like they’re doing with the move to Ohio. What’s their rush? To save the American consumer money? Please.

          • Gary M

            Matt, this is the exact case of the sand/oil in Canada.
            It’s been there forever, however, it was not economically feasible to extract it when gas was 50 cents a gallon. Now that it’s $4.00/gallon, its worth it to extract it from the sand.
            However, our president won’t allow us to use any of that oil because he doesn’t want the pipeline from Canada. Although his press agent says it’s the Repbulican’s fault, even though Obama said, if you send that bill, I’ll veto it.
            He severely limited drilling on public land. However, he came out on his weekly address and told America that there has never been any more drilling than under his administration in the last 8 years. Which is true, but that has come from drilling on PRIVATE land. He thinks we are idiots.
            But hold on to your wallet, he now is going to have algae as the savior to our energy crisis because he found out, and he really did say this, that algae grows naturally in the U.S. Really? Hey, Barack, it grows naturally EVERYWHERE.
            No doubt we need long term solutions to energy needs and R&D to do so. But shutting down our only short term alternative solutions because that’s what his base wants, is not in this country’s best interest. Or, in the best interest of the ‘poor’ and ‘middle class’ he professes to be a champion.

          • Matt

            You forgot the part about how his “advisor” Warren Buffet and his railroads would not make any money from a pipeline. If it comes from the middle east it can be shipped by rail to the refineries in the south.

          • Gary M

            I’m not kidding, the moron came out yesterday and praised Canada with coming up with a pipeline plan that goes to Mexico/South America. Really? He’s happy they are going AROUND us? Let’s see if I remember my Geometry. What is the shortest distance between two points?
            I mean, there can’t be any environmental impact to us if the pipeline goes around us, can there?
            It’s all about saving face with his base, please November, be swift.

  • Deuce

    Don’t worry, John, as much as you’d want him to he’s not calling little old you for advice.

    • John Steigerwald

      Really? I’m devastated.

  • Matt

    I think you have to give him points for honesty. When Obama was a candidate and they were ripping McCain about the cars he and his wife drove, he drove a Chrysler 300M. They quickly cleaned that as soon as it hit the press all of a sudden Obama supposedly drove a Ford Escape Hybrid.

    Of course nothing was worse than John Kerry who when questioned about the fleet of SUVs registered to he and his wife, he said they were his wife’s cars.

    • John Steigerwald

      Then he got on his yacht and sailed away.

  • jwit

    yeah, and nobody is offended in the media when Michelle Obama flies in her fitness coach from Chicago, on a weekly basis on our dime to cont reps while she works out. Jokes.

  • YNGController

    I’m shocked he’s driving a UAW built car from a bailout receiver.

    If you think things are bad now let this snake into office.

  • ISteve Roissy

    The media is the ruling class and is owned by the ruling class. They don’t cover the powerful, they are the powerful. It is all smoke & mirrors. Now all of you get back to watching Dancing With The Stars and MTV Teen Moms.

  • Dan

    I didn’t notice any media “pouncing all over it” but if they did shame on them. There was nothing wrong with the comment or the fact that he owns Cadillacs. He would appear to be frugal. If I had his money I’d own a couple of Porsche’s and Mazeratis.

    Still a terrible candidate. You think you’ve seen broken campaign promises before? Oh, brother, just wait to see if this mercenary who says anything to get the vote of whoever’s in front of him at the time ever got office. Can’t trust a word out of the guy’s mouth. At least Santorum and Paul dignify themselves with honesty and transparency.

    Speaking of Santorum, what’d you think of his latest gaffe? Rick, I know that the church refuses to ever change or accept that things sometimes you have to change with the times, but America doesn’t work that way. You can’t take us back to 1770, can’t keep women in the kitchen anymore, can’t let the Catholic Church dictate our policies and can’t pray away the gay. Oh, but apparently you do support giving government the power to force women to have vaginal probes before you’ll let em be sinners.

    • John Steigerwald

      Watch how the media will say that Santorum said that the idea of separation of church and state makes him want to throw up. Of course, that’s not what he said. He said that to say a person of faith doesn’t have a right to be heard in the public square makes him want to throw up.

    • Chris

      I will never vote for anyone who belives religon belongs anywhere near politcs…..still waiting for an Aetheist president

      • John Steigerwald

        Would you have voted for someone who says our rights come from the creator?

      • oksteelerfan

        And what if that President wants to deny people the right to attend church, would you be okay with that?

        • Chris

          Not at all OK, i believe it is people’s rights to believe what they want. But i also believe i have the right to believe in nothing at all and not be thought lesser for it. I don’t mind it at all what religon you are, i just hate when your religon is shoved down my throat.

          • Chris

            This has a lot to do with why i hate Tebow, he shoves his religon down America’s throat and that irks me

          • John Steigerwald

            You mean like Muhammad Ali, the most beloved person in America?

          • Erik

            Is Tebow coming in to your home and forcing you to sit and listen to his religious views? No Chris I dont think he is. Tebow isnt making you do anything. if you’re that bothered by it turn off the TV

  • Kay

    You are too funny.
    I do not care how rich Romney is. I know a candidate has to be fairly wealthy and have wealthy connections. I prefer he not rub my nose in his wealthiness. He and his wife are free to drive whatever they like, live where ever, I don’t care. As I recall, at the risk of being politically incorrect, Cadillac used to be called a black man’s car.

    • Chris

      I always thought of them as the old people car