There has been a lot of talk over the last two or three months about the Penguins not looking like they’re ready to repeat as Stanley Cup champions.

The 0-10 record against New jersey and Washington has given lots of people the impression that the Penguins think that they can “Just flip a switch” and turn into the team that won the whole thing last year.

The conventional wisdom seems to be that they can’t.

I disagree.

This is a team that has been to the Stanley Cup Finals two years in a row. It knows all about the grind. There is a locker room full of players that knows better than any team in the league, with the possible exception of the Detroit Red Wings, how much differenlty you have to play in the playoffs to still be playing in June.

Not as many east to west passes. Don’t take stupid penalties. Keep your shifts short and really concentrate on taking  a one shift at a time attitude. Get the puck on net.

When the puck drops tonight, the Penguins will get that old feeling back and you will see a much different team. The switch will have been flipped.

That’s not to say that they can’t lose to the Senators. If they don’t win, it won’t be because of anything that happened in January or February.

At least one guy at the Hockey News seems to like the Penguins’ chances of  repeating.

  • Sarcastic Sword

    I type this as the 3rd period is about to begin….Its dark in here – I need to find the switch….In all seriousness, their effort has been abysmal….5 shots through 30 minutes…..I didnt agree with this theory but i didnt expect this poor of an effort…

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      My theory isn’t looking all that great right now. It’s early.

  • Isteve Roissy

    The ‘Guins won the cup last year and made the finals the year before, with basically the same team intact. The have earned the benefit of the doubt that they can turn it on in the playoffs until proven otherwise. When 101 points is a lousy regular season, that’s a pretty successful program.

  • Sarcastic Sword

    This “flipping the switch” theory certainly gets a test with the Pens dont you think? I dont think it happens this spring…They might beat Ottawa but a 2nd rd matchup with Caps isnt inviting to me….The goalie has been terribly inconsistent and when people say that he won 7 of 8 series in 2008 and 2009, what people are forgetting is that in March 08 and March 09, he was brilliant leading up to the playoffs…..He’s been borderline bad in the past month. I hope they can “flip the switch” but something hasnt been right with this team all year….And without a shutdown pair of defensemen having not replaced Scuderi and Gill with like-parts, I think the PK will hurt them in the playoffs….

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      I realize I’m in the minority on this. They could prove me dead wrong. I think Fleury’s inconsistency is a reflection of the inconsistency in front of him. We’ll see. All we can do now is JUST WATCH THE GAME.