I’ve always had a hard time accepting Tom Brady’s greatness.

But then I also question the greatness of Jerry Rice.

Believe me, I know that both are great players, but I always question the mob mentality that is created in the media when they decide to declare this player or that player the greatest of all time.

Jerry Rice might be the greatest of all time, but not because of his numbers.

There are lots of other factors involved. Including the offense he played in and the rules that were — or weren’t– in place during his era.

I don’t think Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time. In fact, I don’t think he’s close and I don’t care how many Super Bowls he’s won.

I do think he’s the greatest dink and dunk passer of all time and I give Bill Belichick most of the credit for that.

Belichick tied Chuck Noll last night with his fourth Super Bowl win.

And in a strange and roundabout way, Belichick can thank Noll for helping him tie his record.

Noll put together the best team in NFL history by exploiting the rules that were in place in the ’70s.

Bump and run.

Head slap.

Offensive lineman couldn’t use their hands.

He put together defenses that were so good that the league had to pass rules to overcome them.

And he built his offense around the running game because he saw the futility of trying to win with the pass against the defensive rules that were in place.

The end of the bump and run gave birth to the West Coast offense. Bill Walsh, when he was offensive coordinator at Cincinnati, was smart enough to realize that, if defenders couldn’t touch receivers more than five yards beyond the line of scrimmage, he was going to make a living throwing seven and eight yard slants.

Hello Joe Montana. Have you met Jerry Rice?

Belichick flamed out in Cleveland when he was a defense first kind of guy.

BY the time he got to New England, after a few years as a defensive coordinator, he had had learned what offenses did to drive him crazy.

Dink. Dunk.

Over the past few seasons rule changes and enhanced enforcement have made it almost impossible for defenses to stop the short passing game.

The New England Patriots are the greatest dink and dunk team of all time and Tom Brady is the greatest dink and dunk quarterback of all time.

That’s not to say that Brady can’t make all the throws. Of course he can. Anybody who has seen him play knows that.

The point is that he is rarely asked to make the tough throw.

In his first five Super Bowls, Brady had attempted 21 passes longer than 20 yards.

He completed one of them.

In the win over the Seahawks, I counted 10 passes that went 10 or more yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

The first one was intercepted.

He also made an absolutely perfect “long” pass to Gronk for the Patriots second touchdown.

Of the first 8 passes beyond 10 yards, two were intercepted, one went for a touchdown and the rest were incomplete.

When Seattle punted the ball away with four minutes to go and a three point lead, I knew that the game was at least going to overtime.

The Patriots offense -because of the design – is almost impossible to stop when the opposing defense can’t afford to give up the big play.

The Seahawks had to force the Patriots to take a lot of plays and had to concede the short stuff.

And Belichick was more than happy to dink and dunk his way to the end zone.

Tom Brady did his job. But his job is so much easier than so many quarterbacks who came before him.

And the credit for that goes to Bill Belichick.

And maybe Chuck Noll.

  • 54nakaD

    He doesn’t need dink and dunk to make the greatest Super Bowl comeback ever. He is the GOAT.

  • Jim Stone

    Dink and dunk sucks it’s has turned football into the equivalent of BUNTING also tom Brady wins yes he does he will NEVER have any respect from me l hate his guts he play the game like a WHINEY ASS BITCH.

  • ztoa789

    To the auther :

    Why do almost all the TE play great under Brady, and turn to nobody after leaving Pat?

    Start using your brain, learn why dink & dunk is so hard to play,

    Give you a hint:

    for short passing game, the key is YAC, not catching the balls. QB must play in such a way that gives his TE and WR a chance to gain extra yards after catching. see SB.

    (for deep passing games, you get first down if the ball is caught.)

    That, is what makes dink & dunk so hard, and no other QB could have done what Brady has been able to do, get it?

    • John Steigerwald

      Matt Cassel

    • John Steigerwald

      Bullshit. Get it?

  • Ajit

    Question is, why the hell can’t you stop it? It goes further. Watch the sb and so many of those dink and dunk passes are coming off receivers who get open rather quickly. Why? because they are up against lineackers. Here, I am referring to amendola, edleman and vareen. Often its the result of pick plays and running underneath zones. Tom Brady hits a 5 yard pass. Even on a few third and longs, its a pass thats 6 yards and a 6 yard after the catch run. Simply amazing.

    Makes me wonder why more teams don’t go dink and dunk.

  • Mike from Boston

    Well said, John. I would further add to Tom Brady’s overrated-ness by pointing out how much of a non-factor he becomes when the pocket collapses. He’s a phenomenal pocket passer but the moment his O-line stops giving him a bubble to work in he rapidly becomes an average at best QB. And he did not at all deserve to be named Superbowl MVP, but he’s the star of the show so that’s what has to happen.

  • Siggy

    “Hello Joe Montana. Have you met Jerry Rice?”

    Montana won 2 rings and 2 SB MVP’s before he played with Jerry Rice you dope.